I moved to Singapore from Japan

Hello, this is my first article in English!

I moved to Singapore from mid August.

I work for a startup company based on Singapore. I was supposed to go to Singapore from April, but the COVID-19 was affecting me to stay in Japan for 5 months. While I was living in Japan, I was in my hometown. My hometown is in the outskirts of Tokyo. There aren’t any train stations nearby lol. I was studying English after finishing my work everyday.

This is my parents’ dog Riku. He is so cute ❤️ Since COVID-19 things are getting calmed down recently. I’ll miss him but I decided to go to Singapore.

I’ll be sequestered in a hotel for two weeks according to MOH regulations as soon as I get to Singapore. I might never experience this again. I’m going to be safe and enjoy the quarantine.

The reason why I move to Singapore is I want to learn English through working and living in English. In the future, I’ll be co-organizer of JSConf Asia. And I’d like to make friends of tech people!

See you later. I want to see my team members soon (੭ु˙꒳​˙)੭ु⁾⁾



Software developer. I love JavaScript and TypeScript.

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