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Have you tried to build a QR scanner using only web technologies? If you did it a few years ago, you had to use some OCR library (ex. Tesseract.js) or use some HTTP APIs I guess. Now we can build a QR code scanner using only web technologies. I’ll explain what are the necessary APIs and how they work. Then I’ll introduce the demo application called QRamen (


Barcode Detection API

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Reading a book is very difficult for me. I can’t keep my concentration until I finish a book. I’m trying the approach of the listening book instead of reading a book to get over this bad habit and so far it looks good, so I’ll show you the approach.

This article assumes these environments

Listening book with accessibility feature

Android has an accessibility feature called TalkBack. It is a feature that reads out all the text on the screen. You can also use this feature to read text on your Kindle. When you enable it and open…

I’m not a big fan of eating so much. I even feel like eating is taking up a lot of my time. Plus I’m a picky eater. Singapore foods must be delicious, but I can’t eat many of them. However, well-balanced meals are necessary to keep us healthy. We have to eat something every day. But I don’t want to eat the foods that I don’t want to eat, even it’s for health.
I looked for a meal replacement (a.k.a 完全食 in Japanese) as it’s been half of the year since I moved to Singapore, and I got tired of eating…

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performance.measure is a useful API in JavaScript. That’s for measuring duration time between any two points of code. And it can be used on Browser and Node.js. You don’t have to build a custom tracker with Date.

That’s simple, standard, doesn’t pollute the scope, and you can get a higher precision value than That means you can collect metrics even if it takes under 1ms.

But when you try to introduce performance.measure() to collect performance metrics, you might face the problem. The problem is you are not able to pass any additional params to the API. In many…

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It’s been a month since I moved to Singapore. I like Singapore so far. Life in Singapore is comfortable. The dishes are delicious and the cities aren’t very crowded. I try to look back on so far as it’s been about 1 month since I moved to Singapore.

Objectives in this month:

Finish quarantine w/o any problems

I was spending my time on because of the Stay Home…

Hello, this is my first article in English!

I moved to Singapore from mid August.

I work for a startup company based on Singapore. I was supposed to go to Singapore from April, but the COVID-19 was affecting me to stay in Japan for 5 months. While I was living in Japan, I was in my hometown. My hometown is in the outskirts of Tokyo. There aren’t any train stations nearby lol. I was studying English after finishing my work everyday.

This is my parents’ dog Riku. He is so cute ❤️ Since COVID-19 things are getting calmed down recently…


Software developer. I love JavaScript and TypeScript.

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